About Me

I am Jorelle Almeda.

I am a Filipino-Canadian that was born in Vancouver B.C. and dreams of becoming a showrunner of an animated sitcom. Preferably, my own. But I know there's a long road full of ups and downs before that happens, and I'm all for it.

I struggle with taking serious photos because I take every opportunity in life as a chance to make myself or someone else smile. I am fascinated by History, particularly the history of Filipino migration and of colonialism as a whole. My passion for history is one of the three pillars that create the foundational core of my voice. Those being in no particular order: My Filipino identity, History and Comedy.

I wake up everyday dedicated to sharpen my craft as a story teller and a creative. To learn from previous mistakes and try to push myself towards the pursuit of self betterment rather than external validation. From storyboarding, to video editing, managing marketing campaigns, listening to podcasts on screenwriting, my two writing groups, content creation in general and everything in between, I am on a constant journey of growth and self understanding.

Please feel free to look around this site! Any feedback is appreciated :D


Resume and Cover Letter

**All scripts available upon request**


(2012-2017) University of British Columbia, Faculty of Arts -- B.A. in History and Minor in International Relations

(2019 - 2020) UCLA, TFT Professional Program -- Graduate Level Certificate in comedic writing for television.

(2020) UCB -- Improv 101

(2021 - Currently enrolled) Introduction to Visual Storytelling: Storyboarding Fundamentals with Austin Madison

Mentions and Accolades

  • Article about my corporate and vocational journey

  • Top 15% of the Nickelodeon International Fellowship

  • Podcast Guest of College Hip Hop show

  • Co-Written Pilot - 'Time Jacker' by David Meister and Jorelle Almeda