There's always something cooking and in the works when it comes to writing.

I am currently working on a feature and a new pilot, but below are the loglines to a few samples I have written so far.

Bob’s Burgers [Spec ] - “Hy-gene, I’m Puberty” -- Gene faces the untimely death of his childish ways and the emergence of his pubescent body odor, while Bob wrestles with his ego when a new Filipino Pop-up restaurant opens next door and attracts a large lineup.

TAFT [Original Pilot] - “The Pilot” -- Before he was the 26th President of the United States, William Howard Taft (better known as Taft) was put in charge of straightening out America’s newest colony, the Philippines. But he will soon realize that bringing his family to this new world was great for PR and terrible for his sanity.

History’s Firsts [Animated Original Pilot] - “The Utterly Tragic Milkscapade” -- When a frizzled haired, underqualified and mysterious teacher begins taking her class on magical adventures to the ‘Firsts’ of history, a neurotic and whiney student will enlist the help of his doofus best friend and a new girl to try and get their teacher fired.

**All scripts available upon request**

Character design for History's Firsts.